Ask Three Tough Questions.

Where am I? (Know Your Position)
Take the time to look carefully at your web efforts. Evaluate how you compare to the competition. Does your site reflect your price point? Are you weak on value-added features. Does your current site reflect your company's current level of competence? Keep these points in mind while you develop your goals.

Where do I want to go? (Set Your Goals)
What do you want to accomplish with your site? Is this a brand building site, an information exchange or a profit center? Is this Business-to-Business (B2B), or Consumer oriented? Is this a stand-alone site or will it work in conjuction with other advertising? What are the target numbers you hope to see?

How Can I get there? (Plan Your Strategy)
It helps if you break your Strategy down into two tasks:
Design Strategy and Traffic Strategy.

Design Strategy: Your web site should reflect your target customers - Young or Old, Active or Passive, Loud or Quiet, Extravagant or Thrifty. Whoever they are, make them feel comfortable. Your site should be easily viewable at the target's connection speed (56K or DSL). Push the envelope if it needs pushing, but don't add features that don't add value.

Traffic Strategy: A cool site helps but only if people see it. You’ve got to have traffic. MCS will help you evaluate several traffic building options including: Search Engines, Banner Ads, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Consumer Print Ad Referrals, Shared Links, Sponsorships and many others. We'll optimize your site for better Search Engines Ranking and help you find cost-effective, traffic generators.

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