'Hit Em' where it hurts - Right in the senses.
Get in - Get out – And leave a little something behind
for the brain to chew on.

Audio, Video and Multimedia Marketing Programs are all within your reach. These powerful marketing tools, delivered through Radio, TV, CD Rom and the Internet, can walk your prospects through the decision making process. They can be used to deliver your message effectively and they don’t have to break the bank.

MCS will ramp up as needed with a host of creative talent including: Writer, Director, Producer, Actors, Makeup, Voice-Over and Editor; talented individuals who are hungry for work with a passion for quality. We hire the talent needed to do the job right. No More, No Less and No Surprises.

If your production is included in the cost of your media purchase, MCS will step in and art direct your commercial. We’ll make sure that the station’s film crew gives you their best creative efforts, and we’ll make sure that your USP and Marketing Goals are met.

When you’re ready to 'Show Em What Ya Got',
give us a call. 626-358-2800
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