Slalom or Boundary? Adrenaline or Caution?
What's the message and is it what you intended?

Martin Creative Services works with you to identify your "Unique Selling Proposition". Your USP. The thing that sets you apart from the other guy. It's the way your customers see you and the way you see yourself. It's your line in the sand and it fills you with pride. It's your strength and your protection. It has value and it's worth fighting for. Get to know it, and get to know yourself.

Once we've clarified your USP, it becomes a Litmus Test for your marketing, the media you choose as well as new products under development. It will help you keep your marketing efforts focused and effective, and it's the best way to build a Consistent Brand Building Message that everyone remembers.

Whenever possible, MCS prefers to use a
"Call-To-Action" tracking method to gauge the effectiveness of the advertising message and the media that delivers it. Plus, it's a good business practice to know what the return is on the money you've spent.

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